Join us for five days
of inspiration, education,
and networking

September 22-27, 2024

Durham Convention Center
Durham, NC

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For Django fans
of all levels

DjangoCon US has something for everyone, from the person who develops Django applications for a living to the person who just tinkers in their spare time.

About DjangoCon US
  • Tutorials: One day, numerous sessions

  • Talks: Dozens of talks chosen by the community

  • Sprints: Team up to work on Django!

A friendly conference for a friendly community

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Code of Conduct

Participants are expected to be respectful to each other. For details on our expectations, and who to contact if you need assistance, see our Code of Conduct.

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Read our Public Health Policy, including mask and testing requirements.

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We offer a range of accommodations, including live captioning, thoughtful lunch options, and a dedicated accessibility team to ensure everyone can fully participate.

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