Public Health Policy

DjangoCon US 2024's public health policy includes required testing and a mask recommendation.

Public Health Policy

In order to keep conference attendees safe, DjangoCon US will require proof of a negative COVID test. We ask that people test again before sprints begin on Thursday. We strongly recommend that people wear a mask and have the latest vaccination boosters. If you are not familiar, we suggest you check out the CDC's Travel guidelines to stay safe.

The conference will feature select areas in the talk rooms where attendees will be required to wear masks. These areas will be some distance (but not separated by walls) from non-masked areas to allow diffusion.

We are requiring a negative test before coming to the registration desk on your first day of attendance. If you are taking a rapid test, you must take it within 24 hours of your first ticketed day. We will have tests on site if you wish to test when you arrive. If you are taking a PCR test, it must be within 3 days of your first ticketed day (e.g. if you are attending Sunday's sessions, the test must be taken no earlier than Thursday, September 19).

We will be sending the testing instructions to in-person ticket-holders prior to the conference.

The conference will provide N95 masks for people to wear. We recommend that all attendees wear a certified KN95 / N95 respirator mask (with no outflow vent) while inside. If you prefer to wear a surgical mask, we recommend an ASTM Level 3 rated mask.

If you prefer to purchase your own PPE, DjangoCon US is offering up to a $50 reimbursement. This should be for higher filtration PPE you acquire yourself (i.e. reusable respirators, etc). Please email us before the conference to coordinate.

DjangoCon US reserves the right to increase the requirements of this policy based on COVID-19 infection, hospitalization or positive test rates as reported by the CDC. We may also be required to alter our policy to conform with local, state, or federal mandates.

TLDR: A short-version of the policy is as follows:

  • Negative test required to enter conference
  • Test again before sprints
  • Masks are recommended (KN95 / N95 preferred)
  • Specific seating areas that will require masks
  • N95 Masks will be provided
  • $50 PPE reimbursement for higher filtration PPE you acquire yourself (i.e. reusable respirators, etc)
  • DjangoCon US reserves the right to make the policy more restrictive based on COVID-19 numbers

Questions about our Public Health Policy?

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