The Call for Proposals for DjangoCon US 2024 Is Now Open!

Abigail Mesrenyame Dogbe speaking at DjangoCon US 2023

We are excited that DjangoCon US 2024 is now open for talk submissions: call for proposals! The deadline for submissions is April 24th, 2024 at Noon EDT.

We invite you to submit your proposal no matter your background or experience level with Django. Proposals can be from a wide range of topics; non-Django and community topics are welcome. You can look at our talk schedule from last year for reference.

We fancy first-timers! If you haven’t spoken at a conference or given a tutorial before, this is your invitation to do so. Don’t let the idea that you’re not famous or an expert stop you from submitting. It certainly won’t stop us from selecting your talk or tutorial and it won’t stop the audience from enjoying it! Please contact one of our amazing speaker mentors to help you on your way.

Plus there are perks! Presenters get free admission to DjangoCon US! Grants to assist with your travel and lodging expenses are available as well. Fill out the Opportunity Grants form by April 24th, 2024. Decision notifications will be sent by June 14, 2024.

For more information on talk and tutorial formats, please check out our speaker information page.

We want everyone attending DjangoCon US to feel safe, welcome, and included. To that end, we have a Code of Conduct for all speakers and attendees.

If you have questions feel free to contact us.

We look forward to your proposals!