Announcing our DjangoCon US 2024 Talks!

Cheuk Ting Ho speaking at DjangoCon US 2023

We are thrilled to present our tutorial and talk lineup!

The final talk and tutorial schedule will be announced soon. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, they’re still on sale.

Congratulations to the presenters of the tutorials and talks below!

Tutorials (Sunday, September 22)

Tutorials will be in person this year.

  • Daniele Procida (mastodon, website) - Getting documentation done, now
  • Felipe de Morais (twitter, website) - 🌐 Building Your First API with Django and Django Rest Framework
  • Kuldeep Pisda (twitter, website) - Efficient Django: Mastering Asynchronous Tasks with Celery, RabbitMQ, and Redis
  • Lee Trout (twitter, mastodon, website) - Django DevOps
  • Meagen Voss (twitter, mastodon, website) - How To Build More Accessible Websites with Wagtail
  • Melanie Arbor - pytest or Bust: Converting Your Django Tests to pytest

Talks (Monday, September 23 through Wednesday, September 25)

All talks will be available live for those with online-only tickets. They will be posted to YouTube after the conference for free.

  • Adarsh Divakaran (twitter, website) - Pygoat - Learn django security the hard way
  • Amanda Savluchinske (twitter) - Product 101 for Techies and Tech Teams
  • Avindra Fernando (twitter, website) - Lessons from E2E Testing Django Web Applications
  • Benjamin "Zags" Zagorsky (website) - Fighting Homelessness with Django
  • Carlton Gibson (mastodon, website) - API Maybe: Bootstrapping a Web Application circa 2024
  • Chris May (twitter, mastodon, website) - Choosing Wisely: SPA vs. HTMX for Your Next Web Project
  • Christopher Adams (twitter, website) - A Related Matter: Optimizing your webapp by using django-debug-toolbar, select_related(), and prefetch_related()
  • Daniel Ramas (website) - Seamless Transition: How I Converted an Existing MySQL Database to be Fully Managed by Django Migrations Framework
  • Elizabeth Garrett Christensen (twitter, mastodon, website) - A Guided Tour Through Postgres Internals
  • Eva Nanyonga (twitter, website) - Only reliable Data: Protecting Database Integrity
  • Frank Wiles (twitter, mastodon, website) - A Brief History of Django
  • Harmony Elendu (website) - Project Management in Open Source
  • Hernan Lozano (mastodon) - Reusable Django Template Components for Perfectionists with Deadlines
  • Hugo Bessa (twitter, website) - Django & Celery: A love story of async proportions
  • Ilerioluwakiiye Abolade - The Magic of Dependencies Installing Themselves
  • Jack Linke (mastodon, website) - Troubleshooting is a Lifestyle 🕶️
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss (mastodon, website) - If We Had $1,000,000: What Could The DSF Do With 4x Its Budget?
  • Jessica Garson (twitter, mastodon) - Introduction to OpenTelemetry with Django
  • Johanan Oppong Amoateng (twitter) - Empowering Tertiary Students: Introducing PyClubs for Enhanced Python Skills and Community Engagement
  • Josh Thomas (mastodon, website) - An Opinionated Guide to Modern Django Forms
  • Karen Tracey (twitter, mastodon) - Django + Alpine.js + htmx Ups & Downs
  • Kasey Kelly (twitter, website) - Optimizing remote work: Pull Requests, Stand-ups, and emojis
  • Ken Whitesell (twitter) - WebRTC with Django, Channels, HTMX, and coturn
  • Lisa Ciaccio (twitter, website) - Django from a Rails Perspective
  • Marc Gibbons (mastodon, website) - Finding 2.0
  • Michael Riley (twitter, website) - Upgrading EOL Django: A Journey from V1 to V5
  • Miguel Sanda (twitter, website) - Django Ledger | Uniting Developers and Accountants for Innovation.
  • Mohammad Ahtasham ul Hassan (twitter, website) and Shafqat Farhan Ahmed - Level Up Your Django Performance: Identifying and Taming N+1 Queries
  • Paolo Melchiorre (twitter, mastodon, website) - Maps with Django
  • Richard Ackon (twitter, website) - Understanding Database Connection Management in Django
  • Ron Maravanyika (twitter, website) - Unlocking Performance: Benchmarking and profiling Django for Maximum Efficiency
  • Ryan Cheley (mastodon, website) - Error Culture
  • Ryan Hiebert (twitter, mastodon, website) - Passkeys: Your password-free future
  • Sage Abdullah (twitter, mastodon, website) - Django: the web framework that changed my life
  • Samweli Mwakisambwe (twitter, website) - Open-source Python tools to visualize and analyse geospatial data.
  • Sarah Boyce (mastodon) - Hidden gems of Django 5.x
  • Simon Willison (twitter, mastodon, website) - How to design and implement extensible software with plugins
  • Thibaud Colas (twitter, mastodon, website) - Faster, leaner, greener: 10x lower website carbon emissions
  • Tim Bell (twitter, mastodon) - Deploying Django migrations at Kraken scale
  • Tim Schilling (twitter, mastodon, website) - You got that nice tech salary, now what?
  • Vaarun Sinha (website) - Streaming Video in Django | Demystified
  • Vince Salvino (website) - One Thousand and One Django Sites
  • Will Vincent (website) - Django User Model: Past, Present, and Future
  • Willem Van Onsem (website) - path('/user/<user.username:user>/', view_profile)
  • Álvaro Justen (twitter, website) - PostgreSQL Beyond Django: Strategies to Get Max Performance

Congratulations to all our speakers!

If you’d like to check out these talks and more, tickets are still on sale. Tutorials (sold separately from conference registration) are $199 each, and we will have the schedule for those up soon. We hope to see you in Durham!